On Sacred Biology

On Sacred Biology

Michelle Peixinho and I were interviewed about our concerns regarding the Midwives Alliance of North America erasing the words “mother” and “woman” from the language of birth and embracing an ideology that tells people we are not our bodies. This interview on sacred biology covers wild human birth, environmental destruction, the lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse, and the dangers of replacing a material understanding of reality with a philosophy like gender ideology which tells children they can change their sex.

I had my first baby at home. I’m also, like so many women, a sexual abuse survivor. I had been at war with my body since childhood. I very much hated my body, I always wore big clothes, I bound my breasts,I didn’t want any male sexual attention, or wanted too much and acting out hyper-sexually. Like Michelle, when I gave birth, it healed me. I realized my body rocks. I just made a human being and pushed it out. Now I’m feeding it with my breasts. I’m a freaking super hero. It made me feel powerful and intact; and not in a way of having power over someone else, but being in my power. My sovereign self. And I wanted to share that with women. I would love to live in a culture where the majority of mothers feel that way. See full interview here.

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