Female Erasure Interview with Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges Comes Out Swinging for Women and Girls in the Fight Against Gender

The debate over gender identity pits the trans narrative against radical feminists who insist that those born female require unique forms of legal protection and physical spaces where they can build consciousness, battle oppression and achieve equality. Maya Dillard Smith and I explain the dangers of erasing biological sex and replacing it with self-declared gender identity as the sole legal definition of male and female. Maya explains how allowing men to legally become women poses a threat to the legal concept of “immutable trait” upon which all civil rights law is built. Mary Lou explains that gender is the behavioral caste system that enforces male supremacy. Gender IS sexism; no on should identify with it.
Click here to watch the video.

Maya and Mary Lou are both authors in the groundbreaking anthology Female Erasure, a must read for anyone interested in how gender ideology threatens the rights and protections of female people.

female erasure


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